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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  October 12, 2009 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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jon: "the live desk" is right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: welcome, everyone. trace: we are live inside the fox news room. that is the national desk, covering america. over there is the foreign desk. at the media desk, that is where the brand new pictures come into the newsroom. on the line test" those pictures will always be on the right hand side. breaking news when it comes to clinton health care numbers. a new report says the bill that is about to be voted on in the finance committee will cost the average family of four an additional $4,000 a year in premiums. now the white house is responding. in the middle box, that would be
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the mother of all bombs but is not strong enough, and now the u.s. is building a bomb to go after underground facilities. in the bottom box, -- >> [singing] trace: a new chapter in nat controversial videotape -- in the controversial videotape story of kids praising president obama. martha: first, there are big developments in the health-care battle. the insurance industry has released a bombshell report on the eve of the senate finance bill vote.
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the report is not sitting well with the white house. according to an audit, premiums on employer-based insurance will shoot through the roof, if performance model max baucus' plan. democrats are calling the timing of this and insurance industry hatchet job. mike emanuel is trying to work through all of this at the white house. what are some of the details that are causing these headlines about skyrocketing costs? >> the point is, if you are worried about skyrocketing costs, and will only get worse with health insurance reform because the study says there will be reason for americans to simply wait until they get sick to purchase health insurance. in 2019, if we were to do
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nothing at all, you would still pay lfor thousand dollars less -- $4,000 less. martha: the white house is raising some serious questions about the report? >> absolutely. the communications director for the office of health reform pushed back strongly, st. -- saying this is still serving analysis from industry. she says it is hard to take it seriously. she goes on to say -- she questions the timing of
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this. martha: a lot of people have been working to give more time. mike emanuel, thank you very much. the numbers speak for themselves. an audit of health care reform showing that in one of the cheap. we are going to speak to someone from "wall street journal" who has been looking at the bill and what it would cost us, and when it would mean for the health care reform push. trace: a car bomb targeting pakistani soldiers has killed more than 40 people, injuring dozens. it is the fourth deadly terror attack in meeks, coming after the bloody standoff at the pakistani army headquarters. now they are morning there is more to come.
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we are reporting from islamabad, pakistan. scott, tell us more what happened today. >> the bombing this morning killed 41 people. it was targeting a military be a cult near the swat valley. -- vehicle near the swat valley. this took place near a busy market which is why the death toll was so high. you will remember in the summer the taliban and pakistani army were fighting hard battle. still, some skirmishes going on there, and this is one of the worst. trace: we are getting more information on this hostage situation. was there any danger of extremists can enhance on pakistan's nuclear weapons? >> the fund answer is, no.
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the ghq, the equivalent of the pentagon here, did not have any sensitive material around. they were held up one part of the building which is where the hostage situation took place. the military had a press conference this morning since the siege ended. we have found out that the indian commander in south waziristan for the taliban was in direct communication with these militants. we know the leader of the attack has been captured alive by the military, but he is unconscious right now. obviously, they will be interrogating him. he was part of the army's medical corps. he defected to the military.
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we also know that some commanders were killed in the raid. more details coming, but the bottom line is, it was a large embarrassment for the pakistani military for them to even reach the front gate at the ghq. martha: thank you. new details right now about the unexpected north korean missile launches. south korean media is reporting that they fired by short-range missiles off of the east coast. north korea has been known to use these tests to show their force, but these launches are coming days before there were encouraging signs about nuclear disarmament talks for the korean peninsula. so the question is why they would do this now. what do we know about the missile launches, what provoked them at this time? >> the timing is odd.
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first, the details as we know them. we are hearing from south korean news agencies that two of these short-range missiles, kn-02, were fired off the east coast of north korea into the water. apparently declaring a no-sail zone. these are the first tests since last summer, when they fired in a cluster of missiles. these missiles certainly do not pose a threat to the u.s., but certainly could pose a threat to those in the south. with a 75-mile range, this could be making the south koreans very nervous. martha: talk about the timing,
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coming on somthe heels of some promising meetings. >> pyongyang did say that it would be more willing to talk about dismantling its nuclear program. now there is this. as for the u.s., hillary clinton stated in belfast -- when asked about the situation in north korea -- said that this missile test does not really change anything. >> our gold remain the same. we will work toward a nuclear- free korean peninsula that can demonstrate, in a verifiable way, that it is. >> russians say the timing is odd. they say it was not the most suitable time to test because of
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their recent offer to possibly sit down at the table in resume those six-party talks. martha: thank you, steve centanni. trace: top democrats making surprising comments about president obama's and the more in afghanistan. what dianne feinstein said, and how it could put troops in danger. martha: and the outrage over kids singing the praises of president obama. we will take you to a demonstration happening at the school today. trace: and dramatic video showing you the moment of impact of that deadly tsunami in american samoa.
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trace: in the top box, the dow is up over 9900. in the middle box, an afghan member of the u.n.-backed panel investigating charges of voter fraud in the afghanistan presidential elections stepping down today blaming interference of foreigners. his resignation comes as the panel decides whether or not hamid karzai will face a runoff with his top challenger. in the bottom box, the chicago cubs are seeking chapter 11
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protection, a step that will allow its parent company to hand over ownership t. martha: conservative groups protesting outside the basan ely school in florida. one video showed school kids singing the praises of president obama. some say that it is showing the kid being indoctrinated. the school denies that. listen at home and make up your own mind.
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>> there was an early-morning protest outside across the street. many people had quite a lot to say about that now-famous song. they came out here to protest loudly, holding signs, chanting, yelling across the street. the problem is, school is in session. of course, that created some problems with the parents in the neighborhood, but what they wanted to achieve here was to
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stand by their objective, let their voices be heard, and call for reassignment of the school's principal. martha: so they are upset that there is some distraction to the kids inside, but where does this go next? >> there will be a meeting here on wednesday. all of these concerned parents are going to talk to school administrators. as you mentioned, this was not the intended outcome of the song and said it was an innocent activity. some want to play a sound bite from a woman that i spoke to earlier today who has a 7-year- old who goes to this school. >> my child's image has been hijacked.
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>> that video that we have all been seen was video taped without the knowledge of students. it was from an associate of a visiting school. that is the main question that parents who were protesting here had. why was the video posted? they want an apology that their kids images were used without their knowledge. martha: thank you very much for the update. trace: this is really amazing new videotape, showing the moment of impact when a powerful tsunami hit american samoa. take a look at the cars as this comes across. the 10-foot high weight comes across. you don't think me is our powerful?
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those are cars being pushed into the building. of course, this came after the earthquake. as you can see, there comes a water, picking up these trucks and smashing them against the building. you can imagine being caught in this. martha: this has been a crazy story. there are big development in the case of a french physicist. he has suspected ties to al qaeda. moment ago we learned a french court is now charging him with being a member of al qaeda. we will tell you what investigators say he was doing on the internet that led to his arrest. and after months of quietly supporting health care reform -- remember all that talk about insurance companies working with
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the white house and doctors? now overnight that has changed. the insurance industry has now released a surprise attack on the bill that is about to emerge from the senate finance committee. what the audit of max baucus' plan means. businesses more efficiently,
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trace: is the 11th hour report that could change the game on the road to health care reform. according to an audit, people with private insurance could see their premiums skyrocket. the audit estimates if a bill similar to the senate finance committee's is passed, health
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care will cost a family of four an extra $4,000 a year. single, $1,500. with me now is someone from the "mall street journal" editorial board. is this a fair assessment? >> this is exactly what a lot of us were worried about, certainly at the editorial page. when you have all of these mandates and you tell insurance companies you have to cover people, even if they had a pre- existing condition, people would not sign up for health insurance until they are sick. it is not too surprising that they are now finding the cost of these plans will increase. what i found, looking at some of these numbers last week, is a
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guess who is going to pay the cost to lower the deficit? most of the taxes and fees will be paid by people who make between $50,000.200 $50,000 a year. trace: we look at the numbers -- 500,00$50,000 and $250,000 a. trace: we looked at the numbers and got some response. linda douglass of the office of health reform says -- >> here is the interesting part of the story. i can understand why the white house is in great. it is true the insurance companies have been playing footsie with the white house they have been at the table.
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now it turns out there could be enormous tax increases on the health insurer to industry, and that it could be one reason why they flipped. these costs are going to be significant for people who already have health insurance. that is the point here. so what is the upside of a plan that is just going to raise our cost? trace: they say the reason this can be successful is because everybody would be in. of course, there would be penalties if you do not participate. by the way, and these numbers are complement of jim angle. here is the way the numbers look. the maximum in 2017 is $750. if it is cheaper for me to pay the fine, than it is to get
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health insurance, i am going to pay the fine and only get insurance when i needed. many young people to offset the cost of insurance for the old and sick? >> you are right. what is going to happen under the program is all lot of people are just going to pay the fine every year. that is cheaper than the health insurance policy. also, on the other end, and lawyers are probably going to have to pay as well and perhaps drop their employer-based health plan. anyone who gets insurance from their employer could be worried that they build be dropped into the government's system. great to be with you.
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don't tell me that the chicago cubs are going bankrupt. trace: they have been bankrupt on the field now for about 100 years. martha: thank you. new pressure on president obama to make a decision about sending more troops to afghanistan. this time pressure coming from his own party. and where is your best strategy in afghanistan going from here? and this 6-year-old cubs got could be sent to reform school because he took out his new camping you can tell. you know how kids get excited over things.
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trace: we have a brand new information on three big stories. the first involves a terror charge, a scientist, and the world's biggest atom smasher. french officials are charging an algerian-born physicist with
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intentions of a criminal enterprise. he was said to be discussing over the internet terror targets with members of al qaeda in north africa. trace: thank you. one of the country's key governor races and the gop making great strides. carl cannon is with us in richmond, virginia. -- carl cameron is with us in richmond, virginia. >> instead of democrats meeting, as they have in past elections, it is the republican who is leading. bond on all -- bob mcdonnell ah ead of creigh deeds for the moment. trace: thank you. los angeles fighting terror? adam housley is with us.
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>> basically, if you see something suspicious, officers say, it likely is. citizens can visit a website and provide their tips. they say all they need is one attempt to make -- is one tip. martha: president obama getting a lot of pressure to make a decision on tammy mcchrystal's request to send 40,000 more troops to afghanistan. the increased urgency is now coming from his own party. dianne feinstein says president obama has an obligation to follow the general advice. -- the general's advice. >> i do not know how you can put someone in, as crackerjack as
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general mcchrystal, who make recommendations, and then not take those recommendations. if you do not want to take the recommendations, then you are putting your people in jeopardy. martha: ambassador john bolton is a former ambassador to the u.n. what is your reaction to those strong words from dianne feinstein? >> i think this demonstrates clearly that within the president's own party there are deep divisions about how to proceed in afghanistan. obviously, the decision is his. i think there is a real risk that this public display of indecisiveness that we have seen is going to undercut the decision the president makes, no matter what it is. martha: when you think about this, it is a huge decision.
1:35 pm
a president makes no bigger position than to commit troops to war. i think about the iraq war. the decision to go to war to call long time. -- took a long time. what is wrong with him taking more time to figure out if he is committed to mcchrystal's vision here? >> i think the president announced his own strategy in march, and when it perplexing is what the general is recommending is simply the offer rationalization of the strategy that the president decided upon. with the in the sense of this comes in is in a daring not to support his own strategy. i think that is having an effect on the forces in afghanistan and with our allies in nato, not to mention the afghans. martha: so you have that in something changed in the interim.
1:36 pm
what do you think intervened? who has the president's ear and discouraging -- and is encouraging him to think twice about the general recommendations? >> only development is the dissatisfaction of the left wing of the party. that raises the question if politics is about to affect a major strategic decision. the administration says it was the corruption in the other actions in afghanistan, but i find that hard to believe. this is an administration from chicago, for god's sake. i am very worried that we are about to have the a sacrifice of national security objectives because of domestic politics. martha: there are reports that morale is sinking among some of
1:37 pm
the troops. during the iraq war, the same types of stories cam out. of course, -- came out. of course, it depends on who you talk to, but how to is the president to this? is it a good time for him to go to afghanistan to cheat -- to speak to them and tell them what he envisions for them? >> i think it would be an excellent idea. it might be a good idea for the president to talk about the objectives we are pursuing in afghanistan, and why they are important. he did not seem to have any trouble with that in march. even in his the acceptance speech on friday, he mentioned afghanistan only obliquely. i think the country, as a whole, would respond to a strong case from the president for a troop increase but he is not making that.
1:38 pm
martha: we will get into more detail about pakistan later in the show, but when you look at the decisions being made, and you see what is happening in pakistan, the timing is never incidental. why do you think we are seeing the larger tax now in the region? >> two regions. i think there are trying to disrupt the military for a new offensive. i also think they are sending a signal around the world that they can strike the pakistani military at its headquarters. i think they're trying to demonstrate their reach, and it will unfortunately have a political impact, where the issue is losing control of the country's arsenal of nuclear weapons. martha: it raises the question about whether or not president
1:39 pm
obama wants to fight wars on a basic level. does he want to pull back and pursue this -- pursue the diplomatic negotiations? there has been talk about separating taliban from its al qaeda ties. is there a possibility of that? >> the president wants to do with cap and trade, do with health care, and perhaps international relations are secondary to him. i worry not just in the context of the afghan and pakistani issue. i worry worldwide that other challengers around the world are
1:40 pm
looking at the press and carefully and seeing weakness. martha: always a pleasure to have you. trace: there are other national security concerns. the man who allegedly tried to blow up in dallas skyscraper got through the same security of the poll has some of the 9/11 hijackers.
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i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. call the number on your screen for free information. martha: we want to show you some of the stories coming in to us. in the top box, prime minister netanyahu is lashing out on a report over the gaza more. he says he will never allow any of the country's leaders to stand for war crimes. in the middle box, 200 coffins arriving in tycoon-ravaged areas. some of the areas actually ran out of coffins.
1:44 pm
in the bottom box, there is a live look of a columbus day parade. this money is in chicago. -- this one is in chicago. that is earnest and bork nine. what a wonderful actor. trace: that terror plot in texas this hair shining a light on a hole in national security. it turns out the 19-year-old, hosam maher smadi, was in the country illegally after overstaying a tourist visa. sound familiar?
1:45 pm
shannon bream is covering this for us in washington. how widespread is this problem? >> i was even surprised at how big the numbers are. last year 2.9 million visitors came into the country on temporary visas but several hundred thousand just decided to stay here, including people like smadi. we have no way of knowing how many of those other people are here to plan harm, like him. when you look at this from an immigration perspective, officials estimate about 40% of immigrants who are currently here are here because of the same reasons, and not renewing a tourist visa. trace: what is the talk about getting a program in place to crack down on this?
1:46 pm
>> there is actually a bipartisan agreement on this issue. republican congressman lamar smith said that this is the perfect example of why we need a solid formal entry and exit system. chuck schumer also says he wants to try to take some of the stimulus money and feed that into an exit-monitor system. trace: this will not be easy. >> that is right. they have had success mantra people coming into the country, but the difficulty is tracking them if they leave the country. they have tried all kinds of programs since 2004, but so far officials have not been able to come up with something that can cover the entire country. they do not want to create a backlog for people trying to
1:47 pm
leave the country. as it is right now, people need to turn in a piece of paper, but not need to get photographed or fingerprinted, as they do when they enter. trace: thank you, shannon bream. martha: we are just getting wind of this story breaking in philadelphia. there has been a crane collapse. you take a look at this story and there could be some injuries involved. it collapsed on a building at 21st and walnut street. there are reports that people are trapped. several people trapped after a crane from the utility truck crashed. firefighters are at the scene.
1:48 pm
the crane became attached and hit the building nearby. more details on that story coming up. trace: there is trouble brewing over a zero tolerance policy in schools. this little boy got in trouble for bringing his cub scout camping knife to class. his punishment, 45 days in reform school is too harsh, according to his parents. we will check with a legal experts on this. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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martha: unbelievable pictures coming from brazil. firefighters are trying to ferret out what sparked an intense fire in western tell
1:52 pm
paulo -- sao paolo. amazingly, no one was killed in the fire. took a cruise to hours to get this under control. trace: ever since the columbine and virginia tech massacres, many schools have implemented a zero tolerance weapons policy. but this latest case has many parents raising questions about the policy and whether it has gone too far. martha: this 6-year-old boy was so excited to become a cub scout, he brought his campaign utensils to school which has a spoon, ninth, and for and won a gadget. school officials decided that he should be put in reform school for 45 days, even though his parents said he did not intend to hurt anybody.
1:53 pm
here is the statement from the school -- ok. with me now is a former prosecutor. my son has a pocket knife. he has it in his pocket almost all the time. i guess he could have gone to school with in and could have gotten in trouble? >> maybe even reform school, if he is not careful. some time when you think about zero intelligence -- zero tolerance, it is more about zero intelligence. to suspend a child for 45 days -- everyone agrees this is a
1:54 pm
ridiculous result. when you do, maybe you ought to change the rules. martha: this is an issue -- if i were the teacher, i would tell the child to put it back and not bring it back to school. >> absolutely. it is well-intentioned, but it is ridiculous when you get results like this. you do not want high school kid bringing weapons to school, and that needs to be punished. but school board to make these discretionary decisions every day, and to say there is zero tolerance and cannot impose a warning here, that is ridiculous. that is my parents are coming forward asking to change this rule. trace: this goes back to what we were saying, you want a rational approach from educators, and you
1:55 pm
have a kid who is 6 years old -- and go all the way back to zero tolerance on drugs -- you have to think, what are we teaching our kids here? this is not a dangerous weapon. this should be a case by case basis. >> absolutely. they deal with this all the time. there is fighting, harassment, tardiness, and they imposed a broken discipline based on the facts. that is why we need this question from school board. every child gets suspended for 45 days because they brought something to school that they had on a camping trip? if you are having ridiculous outcomes like this, perhaps we need to look at the rules. martha: up a bit of common sense could save a lot of people a lot of time think you very much.
1:56 pm
-- on a lot of time. thank you very much. -- a lot of the time. trace: i cannot believe you outed your son. [laughter] health departments across america are saying that vaccination of the swine flu are running short. our medical team is coming up. h?ñhhm@ú@@!p
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trace: we begin with breaking news. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute there was a crane collapse in philadelphia. harris faulkner has been following this. we know there have been injuries and there are some people that are trapped? >> center city police department and fire departments were just dispatched. i am told that these two people have been transported to the hospital. one of them was the crane operator, critical condition on those two. apparently, a crane fell off of a construction vehicle and into
2:01 pm
a shop and an apartment building. you can see the damage there. but the lieutenant told me was there could be people trapped. they are going through the apartment floor by floor, evacuating if there are people trapped. the florist shop was pretty small. it hit the north side of the building that you see here. and they feel like a florist shop is empty, but the and this building is what they are worried about. this is a popular area that is adjacent to center city. this is a nice area down there. apparently a utility truck had this crane hoisted up and we do not know if it tipped over or
2:02 pm
what, but it somehow became detached from the truck and at this building. when i was talking to the police, they said that they just got the call and were sending everyone they had. they cordoned off the area for safety, and they are focusing in on anyone who could have information. trace: you can always tell how bad the situation is based on the police. and they literally got the call 10 minutes ago, and he said "it is bad." we are trying to see if people are trapped inside the building, or somewhere else. we know at least two critical injuries.
2:03 pm
you can imagine crews are just getting on the scene and trying to figure out what they are dealing with. harris: apparently the crane operator would have fallen about 125 feet. trace: thank you. martha: continuing breaking news. trace: we have brand new stories. martha: in the top box, escalating violence in pakistan. today's terror attack is the fourth in just over one week. more than 100 people were killed. how will others respond to this increase of violence we are seeing in pakistan? trace: in the middle box, new information about a french scientist with ties to al qaeda.
2:04 pm
who is he? apparently, he has ties to al qaeda in north africa. we will see what investigators say he could be capable of doing. in the bottom box, flu vaccine being distributed, but some areas already running out. will we have enough, that scene? -- enough vaccine? martha: the senate finance committee is preparing to vote for the max baucus bill. the internet industry, though, have released a stunning report at the final hour, claiming the baucus bill will cause our interest premiums over the years to skyrocket. the white house is firing back. in jim angle is with us to sort it all out. this caused a huge controversy and washington.
2:05 pm
>> it certainly has, especially on the eve of the vote. they're looking at certain factors come increased taxes that we be passed on to everyone. another fact is the committee would force younger people to buy insurance. that is one of the major factors. what they say is this would push up interest rates enormously in the coming years. for instance, the average cost of insurance would be $2,200 more in 2014. $4,000 more in 2019. so there are looking at this increase over already expected increases in health-insurance premiums. martha: everybody was supposed be working together on this. the white house about like they were on the same page as the insurance industry.
2:06 pm
so what is causing the fight here? >> the committee over the past few days a week and the rules that would force young people to buy insurance. analysts across the political spectrum say that is absolutely critical to keeping the price of premiums down. here's what one analyst says. >> basically, we have a grand bargain. insurance has come to the table and has agreed to cover insurance to everyone, regardless of pre-existing condition, provided we bring in all of the young, healthy people. >> because they are healthy and helped spread the risk. some are concerned that there is very little to buy it.
2:07 pm
if you were in your 20's -- even though you already look like it -- and can pay a $400 fine instead of buying a $4,000 insurance policy, and you could still be guaranteed to get insurance if you got set, would you buy the insurance or pay the fine? martha: most 20-year-old probably would do me there. i wonder how they would track them down and make them pay for insurance. -- would do neither. >> the white house has called this a self-serving analysis for the insurance industry. they say that this was meant to increase profits and should not be considered seriously. martha: always good to see you.
2:08 pm
trace: north korea is at it again. they test fired five short-range missiles apparently this morning on the country's east coast. also declaring a no-sale zone in those waters. this coming days after pyongyang said it was ready to return to talks over its nuclear program. hillary clinton says the u.s. will press ahead in its dialogue with the north. martha: and there are new details on the alleged return of thea and hijacker. he is reportedly suffering from health problems and is expected to appear in court tomorrow. he will face charges of air piracy and kidnapping. if convicted, he faces a maximum
2:09 pm
sentence of life in prison. a french atomic scientist is suspected of having ties to al qaeda. he is 32 years old, working at the world's largest atom smasher in geneva. investigators claim he was in contact by e-mail with al qaeda in algeria. greg palkot is with us from london. what do we know about this scientist who is apparently e- mail the members of al qaeda? >> the moment you put al qaeda and nuclear things together, you get a whole lot of attention. he is a french nuclear physicist, born in algeria, working at the very sensitive cern facility. people who knew him said that he was hard-working, quiet, and well regarded. reports are that french
2:10 pm
officials monitored internet and other communication between him and people in algeria. we hear there are no concerns that cern was a target, but other sensitive spots may have been looked at. martha: of course, this raises concerns about al qaeda's reach, in terms of their ambitions an. >> he was a respected research scientist who did work at some of the top universities in the country. having any ties to al qaeda is absolutely astonishing, according to one person he worked with. martha: thank you. there is a wild shootout that was caught on tape. check this out.
2:11 pm
this is in toledo, ohio. so why is everybody shooting at each other? we will give you a note that this is unbelievable surveillance video. also, we are now being told that some areas are low on the seasonal flu vaccine. @=h
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martha: we are covering breaking news from philadelphia. two people, including a crane operator, are in critical condition after a crane collapsed on a florist as well as an automobile. one of the people injured are the crane operator. we have seen these types of collapses here in new york and across the country. very problematic and dangerous when it happened in the middle of the day like this. we will stay on top of the story. trace: we are in the strategy room because this is our medical a-team. we are coming to you over the internet as well as here on "the live desk." they are doing a full hour because there are so many
2:15 pm
unanswered questions about this. for example, one county in iowa, we were talking about h1n1. they used all but 1300 1300 dose. do they have enough to go around? >> right now only 2 million doses of the nasal version have been distributed. a lot of doctors still do not know how many they will have available. we have been revving up the story for so long, people are now asking for it but cannot find it. trace: are we doing a good enough job? because there are so many unanswered questions. are we doing a good up enough job of notifying people? >> i think the reason we are
2:16 pm
seeing a shortage is because we have done a touch of a good job of educating people, telling people what sort of vaccine they need to get. now people are telling us it is ok to get the shot, and supplies have not caught up yet, but it will. trace: it seems to be moving at a snail's pace. the odds are, your kids are going to get sick before the stuff comes around. that is a concern for families. >> right now people need to concentrate on getting the regular flu vaccine. we also have a shortage of that because there are a lot of people giving it out. everybody is issuing the flu shot. that is one of problem. the distribution is very broad. the first thing we have to do is
2:17 pm
get the regular flu shot. when h1n1 comes out, you are going to have to do a lot of shopping to find it. trace: some neighborhoods have done it because they had under kids. i think one of the concerns that families have his -- well, tell me about the real dangers. this h1n1 davis to me and my kids? >> h1n1 is actually a pretty mild flu. people are dying, but nothing close to the rights of the seasonal flu. 36,000 people die every year from the seasonal fluke. so far, only 600 in the u.s. from h1n1. this is a relatively mild flu.
2:18 pm
if you are in generally good health, you will be okay, although we are concerned about pregnant women and other people with complicating conditions. trace: we have it covered. not only in the strategy room, but visit and type h1n1 there and you can get pages and pages of information. back down to the newsroom. martha: the pakistani army is getting ready to launch a major offensive in the area where it usama bin laden is believed to be hiding. the taliban come as you might imagine, is not happy, and they are fighting back. the rising tide of violence. what is happening in pakistan?
2:19 pm
we know why we're here. to build a new generation of airplanes to connect the world. airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. and make nonstop travel possible to more places. announcer: around the globe, the people of boeing are working together-- to bring us together. that's why we're here.
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martha: with a wave of deadly violence has been sweeping across pakistan. four attacks in two weeks. today a homicide bomber part in a pakistani troops east of the swan valley and 42 people were killed. the taliban warning, saying we are gearing up for other attacks in that area. pakistan has an arsenal of nuclear weapons, so can the army and government those weapons out of terrorist hands? police said curtis is an expert on the country, a senior fellow with the heritage foundation. there was a situation where hostages were taken and our reporter on the ground is comparing this location to the
2:23 pm
pentagon. >> there have been four major attacks, one on the world food program in islamabad last week. on friday, a major attack. on saturday, and unprecedented 20-hour standoff at the military headquarters. then you have today's actions. clearly, they are sending a signal that they can attack any time they want to. i think they are also trying to deter the military from following through on the offensive in south waziristan. in fact, i think we will see the opposite impact. this strike in rawalpindi will strengthen the resolve of the pakistani army and will unify them to strike back even harder. martha: as a result, hundreds of taliban members have been killed. >> that is right.
2:24 pm
this follows some successes and pakistan. we know that they have been able to push back the taliban from the swat valley region, and we know the ringleader of the pakistani town and was killed by a growing attack with pakistani cooperation. i think the successes here have been buoyed the military, but clearly, they are not out of the woods. this is a time when the u.s. needs to stand behind pakistan and show its support. martha: one of the problems that the u.s. has had with afghanistan is they are always so focused on the indian border. that is always their biggest concern, but will these attacks to drive the pakistani military even more into the area where we would like them to be focused on to flush out the taliban?
2:25 pm
>> i think you are right, we want to see pakistan focusing solely on the threat from extremists. they are still concerned about the threat from india and the their eastern border, but we do see them strengthening their mettle against the militants. we see the public behind the military, which is key, and they realize the taliban remained a threat to pakistan. we have not seen pakistan pursue the afghan taliban leadership perhaps as much as we would like, because they see the afghan taliban as the best insurance policy against india getting influence in pakistan. it is a complicated picture, but things are moving in the right direction. i do see the pakistani military unifying their ranks and strengthening their resolve in
2:26 pm
this fight. martha: you can tell the taliban is riled up about this as well. thank you. trace: a shootout was caught on tape in an ohio bar. watch. at least five people opening fire at the route 66 kitchen in toledo. police found 17 shell casings and bullet holes. no one was injured, thankfully. the bar owner calls to -- said it started when someone who was accused of selling marijuana was asked to leave. martha: republicans are pulling out the big guns and apparently pointing them adam vulnerable democrats who have ties to the speaker of the house.
2:27 pm
why the democrats say bring
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
trace: we have a brand new information on three big stories. north korea firing more short- range missiles. steve centanni is at the pentagon. >> the south korean news agency
2:31 pm
says five missiles were fired by the north koreans of of the east coast today. it is the first missile test since last summer in july when they launched seven medium-range missiles. it comes at a delicate time diplomatically, just as the north says they will re-enter those six-party talks the talk about its nuclear program. trace: thank you. the deadline looms for all the banks who got that t.a.r.p. money. peter barca does at the fox business network. >> the administration's pay czar is about to move to his next review of compensation for those seven firms to got exceptional assistance. kenneth feinberg will receive by tomorrow the pay plans for the
2:32 pm
100 most highly compensated employees at seven firms. this will cover 700 people at a.i.g., bank of america, citigroup, gmac, chrysler, and chrysler financial. now executives will be looking at people who make a lot of money, like traders and dealers. trace: thank you. is it a barometer of 2010? the gop taking a close look at the virginia governor's race. carl cameron is in richmond, virginia. >> democrats are nervous. here in virginia, the democrat is trailing. creigh deeds is behind as many as nine bolt -- nine points, according to recent polls. in a state that is trending blue, the republican is
2:33 pm
currently winning. trace: thank you. now up to studio daj. martha: the gop is hoping nancy pelosi will be the key to some of their victories in those races. they are busy looking vulnerable democrats to the speaker. take a look at this at. it is targeting democrat bill owens, a candidate in upstate new york. >> bill owens is ready to back higher taxes. so enjoy your gift. martha: a recent news poll asked respondents to make their feelings related to the speaker pelosi. 44 percent and had negative feelings about her. 27% have positive feelings.
2:34 pm
29% were neutral. with me now iare two special guests. let's take another look at another ad. >> newspapers say space and nancy pelosi voted to authorize $2.1 million and two months. martha: democrats are looking at these ads and they are thinking, they already tried these tactics. all politics is local. what do you think? >> i think democrats have reason to fear these kinds of attacks connected to nancy pelosi. as she pushes the public option, which is expensive, and will require higher taxes, it puts moderate blue dogs and senators
2:35 pm
from swing states at risk. martha: where do you think these ads will be affected? >> in the races where republicans won last time, but democrats were able to pick up house seats. there are a lot of races out there. let's take a look at two distinct groups. one group where the president took the presidential race in 2004, 2008, the democrats won with less than 50% of the vote. then there are 24 districts that republican one in 2004, lost to obama, the democrats were not able to get more than 60% of the vote. so there are 60 seats that we are going to be attacking. harry reid and nancy pelosi are
2:36 pm
toxic to the incumbents who want to stay there. >> i think the south and midwest states, kentucky, indiana, minnesota -- you are going to seem vulnerable democrats doing the best they can to distance themselves from nancy pelosi. the question on health care in is how many will be able to take a pass from the public option? martha: she is really pushing them to push for the public option. it is not popular with a lot of people and she will be putting a lot of people in a tough position. >> the more power she exercises, the more political vulnerability she creates. martha: thank you very much. always good to have you with us. trace: relationships between the white house and the media has been a story line that has been
2:37 pm
discussed from administration to the administration. now the obama administration is injecting a new wrinkle in the debate. they have been publicly setting their sights on one specific news organization, this one. james rosen has more. >> each white house looks differently on the news media landscape, liking some news organizations better than others, which is routine. but one would have to look back decades to find an example of a president and his aide so fiercely focused on one news organization in particular. in singling out fox news, the top media strategist accused the channel of waging a war on president obama's. >> the reality is, fox news operate almost always at the research or communications arm
2:38 pm
of the republican party. >> targeting has gone beyond the occasional jab at the podium. or the all in good fun jives at black-tie events. >> most of you covered me. all of you voted for me. [laughter] [applause] apologies to the fox table. >> now a white house blog site describes how fox news lies. they have been the 9 "fox news sunday" with their guests. chris wallace, instead interviewed three key executives about the job creation in the
2:39 pm
sluggish economy. charlie after, an informal meeting was held between the fox ceo roger ailes and david axelrod. >> will president obama appeared on fox news this year? >> obviously, he will, because he engages with ideological opponent. i'd think he might do it again. >> what she does not mention is several days earlier, one of her own age notified fox news and none of the news programs that had requested interviews with the president would receive an appearance and this year. in this case, the chief executive appears to be keenly attuned.
2:40 pm
>> i have one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration. >> i assume you were talking about fox? >> in a typical stretch, fox news broadcast in full day of news coverage, followed in the evening by a series of opinion shows. some of which are harsh in their criticism of president obama, and oftentimes take the opposite point of view. fox news it is always the highest rated cable news channel by margins of greater than two 21. -- two to one. but it was not on the basis of numbers alone that analyst and
2:41 pm
better in the past when houses warned against these types of overt displays of favoritism. >> it is a risky strategy, not one that i would advocate. you are going to get very personal. you are going to find the animosity is only going to deepen and you will almost draw viewers to the people you are attacking. you build them up, in some ways. >> going after a news experience is always a loser. they have a big audience, and fox news has a pretty big audience. it is a temptation for politicians, but it need to be resisted. >> if obama is only going to boom to their ratings, i do not understand how taking them on one-on-one would do anything other than escalate the ratings even more? >> asked about comments, a white
2:42 pm
house in released a statement saying -- trace: thank you. you know the expression if you see something, say something? now police departments across the country are unveiling a new system to help people notified them if they see some suspicious activity. it is called iwatch. adam housley is in los angeles. how exactly is this supposed to work? >> a bigger version of neighborhood watch. if you see something fishy, report it. if you talk to police officers around the country, they will tell you, if you see something odd, you stop your daily activity, that means that something is generally not in the right place. then you should report it.
2:43 pm
they have a psa that they have released to help people understand what this is all about. basically, a neighborhood watch- type of program. trace: what are people looking for, and what are civil libertarians saying about this? >> civil libertarians say that this will lead to racial profiling. los angeles police say that is ridiculous because neighborhood watch did not lead to that. let's look at the recent case of najibullah zazi. in colorado, he purchased a bunch of stuff, and the store clerk said something fishy was going on. that clerk could have potentially put in a report. the same people who bought some strange things with timmy maothy
2:44 pm
mcveigh -- they could have reported this. i have heard this a number of times when repeating the story. if it seems to shake, it likely this. worst case, they can look at it, and it will be all right. martha: i am with shepard smith. it is pretty nice here. you know why megyn and bill like it so much here. what is going on? shepard: we had a great weekend. our defense was amazing. if they can play like that all year, the offense should have a chance to win. the second half could be better.
2:45 pm
it was a great weekend in oxford. martha: i would love to. shepard: have you heard about this terrible thing that happened in arizona? martha: what would you subject yourself going into this box with all these people? 36 hours? i felt bad for her. shepard: 36 hours of fasting, a bit of breakfast, and then you go back? we will get into that. then there is a manhunt for this shooting which occurred in ohio. it was all about someone telling marijuana. a whole shootout for weed. tax it or legalize it. not many potheads are going out
2:46 pm
and treat each other up. north korea, kim jong il, come on over and have some tea. this is not helping your cause. martha: thank you. see you at the top of hour. trace: in and pulls into a gas station in ohio and he gets the shock of his life when an elderly driver loses control of her vehicle and hits into him, pinning him beneath. how anyone could survive -- next. ho on nce ias. ayets ryor. itldst m
2:47 pm
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trace: in the top box, month slide fears in wild fire-ravaged areas in southern california now that heavy rain is in the forecast. the fire will burn away all the brush, and when the rain comes, there is nothing to hold the mud on the hillside. in the middle box, yale univ.'s president is said to speak at a memorial service for annie le, the graduate student strangled last month. in the bottom box, hillary clinton overseas landing in moscow. the white house said we are on the path to economic recovery, but 15 million americans are still out of work. experts say to get a great job,
2:51 pm
you need to stand out. we are on the job hunt the president for women for higher -- you say you need to be more proactive. >> that's right, the more connections to make, the better your chances. unfortunately, many of us are doing the spring and pray that that. giving your resume to hundreds of employers and hoping that some of them called back. i'm talking about doing things like starting for joining in job club. perhaps volunteering. it could be as simple as doing some free-lance work, perhaps conditioning as an adult intern. just getting creative about getting out there and getting in
2:52 pm
front of as many people as possible. it is also about having something to enter when someone asks, what are you doing? it gets pretty boring saying looking for a job, so while you do that, these are the things that you can do in the meantime. trace: you know how they have all of these job fairs, do they work? >> yes, they do, which is why i am here in dallas. we have a nationwide tour. we have been doing this for 10 years and we work with 1500 employers. unfortunately, there are not enough jobs for everybody that comes to the event, but everyone who does come can benefit from all kinds of seminars and advice. they can also connect directly with employers. you want to approach companies and say, here is what i can do
2:53 pm
for you. at the end of our events so many say to me, i was not hiring in this area, but i met somebody who was great and i'm going to give them a spot in our organization. it is a chance to make those connections. trace: thank you. martha: some terrifying moment at a gas station in ohio. take a look at this unbelievable video. an elderly woman crashes into a gas pump, knocking it over, and that and burst into flames, pending one man under all of this. they did a great job rescuing the man. he suffered some serious burns and bruises, but is expected to be ok. no word on how the driver lost control. trace: pakistani insurgents launched four attacks in just a
2:54 pm
few weeks. now there are fears that terror groups could be working together to get their hands on pakistan's arsenal of nuclear weapons. . thyo g teasthhenscepa cseen hth g tls.. edave $4 y us ♪
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. .
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2:57 pm
trace: a breaking news updates on a story we brought you at the top of the hour. a crane collapsed in downtown philadelphia. decreeing kind of fell off the truck, and then it hit an apartment building that also had a flower shop in that building,
2:58 pm
and when the reports first came in, some said there were people trapped inside. authorities have now gone inside. they still do not have everyone accounted for, but they do not believe anyone else is trapped. the bad news is two people in critical condition, including a construction worker who fell 125 feet on the top of that crane. again, that is in philadelphia. continuing coverage there as it comes in. martha: here is a question for you -- what could be scarier than losing your money? maybe that is why some costa makers are betting that bernie madoff's this will be a hot towel and item -- some costume makers. there's a lot of competition. you know what will be big this year? michael jackson. i went to a store that had about six different versions. you get to where the glittery glove and everything. super mario brothers masks are expected to be very big sellers
2:59 pm
as well. maybe they make one for his wife's face, too. you could go as a couple. that is what we will do. all right, good. thanks for watching, everybody. good to have you here this afternoon. trace: "studio because court begins now. -- "studio b" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute first shepard:, three boxes full. in box number one, and are fine in a higher turns into a scene out of the wild west. a manhunt underway for the gunmen in this island should out. box number two, two people dead, 19 more sickened after family members say something went horribly wrong


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